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User Docs

Essentials: Trading on Bisq

  • IntroductionLearn what Bisq is, why it exists and how it works

  • Getting StartedDownload, set up and start trading with Bisq in minutes

  • Wallet Info and SecuritySet a password and save your seed words to keep your bitcoin safe

  • Backup and RecoveryMaintain backups to keep your settings and history safe

  • Staying Private — Maximize control over your personal info and trading data

  • Trading Rules and Dispute ResolutionKnow what’s expected of you and others when trading

  • Fees and Security Deposits — Understand how your bitcoin is used and kept safe when trading

  • Support — Get help from other Bisq users and contributors

  • Payment MethodsDetails on supported fiat currency payment methods and limitations

  • Altcoins — Explore 100+ supported cryptocurrencies, tokens and assets

Bisq DAO: Governing Bisq


Incubating Efforts

  • Bisq HTTP API — Automate trading and interact programmatically with your Bisq node

  • Bisq Mobile NotificationsGet alerts for new offers, trades in process, and more right on your phone

Contributor Docs